Thou Must Use Marketing...

Perhaps the single most common reason that Catholic initiatives fail to reach their full potential is that they don't learn, embrace, and utilize the latest concepts in marketing. While they may have a great mission, and the team may be full of amazing and talented individuals, they often fall short of the goals they envision achieving when they begin their efforts. Their message is not being seen and heard amidst the noise and lights of secular culture. Typically, this is because they have failed to adapt and use the best practices of secular marketers to reach the largest audiences and ensure success.

For many Catholic groups who do not focus on and optimize their efforts, marketing can almost seem like a dirty word. It conjures up the image of the worst parts of secular culture, like greed and manipulation. But for groups to be truly successful in today's world, they need to embrace marketing. They need to understand that Evangelization is essentially "Holy Marketing"!

In this video lesson, Ryan Dellacrosse and Ryan Scheel, former secular marketing executives, who know use their talents for the Church, share 10 essential things very Catholic group must do in their marketing and evangelization efforts to be successful. This video lesson breaks down the absolute essential concepts of effective marketing into 10 Commandments that easy to learn, remember and implement. 


Fuzati is full-service marketing and technology firm that specializes in growing and advancing Catholic groups and initiatives. Founded by Ryan Dellacrosse, Fuzati uses the latest and most cutting-edge marketing tools and concepts from the secular marketing industry to help grow the reach and impact of the Church. Some of our clients include The Unites States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), The Pontifical Missions Society, EWTN, The Catholic University of America, uCatholic, The National Catholic Register, Steubenville Conferences, and many Catholic Religious orders.