In our company’s 8 years in consulting with more than 70 ministries, we’ve noticed some pitfalls which can inhibit ministry from realizing their full potential with the Grace of God.  Whether you are in a leadership role or someone who supports a ministry as a volunteer,  take a look and see if there is anything in our experience that can help your ministry avoid some of these pitfalls.

Note to reader: This list is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  We are just sharing our experience with the hope that it may serve your calling.


It’s God’s Ministry…


Rely on God’s power and inspiration to work through you and not your own limited power.

This fleshes itself out in daily prayer offerings of your gifts and talents to be used and inspired by God’s Grace and regular confession.  Don’t let your ministry consume you to the point where you are being taken away from your sacred duties in your primary vocation as a married, consecrated, clergy, single, etc.  I am reminded of this by a quote from Pope John XXIII before he went to bed each night where he said, “OK.  It’s your Church God, I am going to bed.”  


Do not place unrealistic expectations on others or yourself.

God uses gifts and talents he gives those around you and encourage the use of them with each other as a team.  Seek out additional members to join your team that compliment the gifts on the team.


Professional consideration of your team.

Just like you rely on God for the power and inspiration, you can rely on professional advice and help to run/manage your ministry.  Faith and reason aren’t just compatible with the Big Bang!

Develop a plan to reach your goals with strategies and tactics to deploy that can be assessed on a performance level with the organization or a team member.  If you haven’t done this I highly recommend you trying our blueprint for ministry success.  We have used it as a template for all our clients to much success.


Quitting/Letting someone go is OK.

Sometimes people hang onto a ministry for good reason’s because they want to serve God and believe in Him and miss the signs that God is calling them somewhere else.  Others selfishly do not apply themselves because they are comfortable in their ‘jobs’ and are never professionally assessed and motivated.  Carefully discern, preferably with a spiritual director you trust, the staffing of your ministry, the needs of professional development in a person, or someone just not being a good fit.  


God Rocks, Act like it!

Have fun with your team.  Get to know and enjoy each other.  Be vulnerable, share your stories of what God’s done in your life.  Be strengthened by the victory God has shown his people and walk together into darkness with His powerful Gospel as a band of brother’s and sisters.