Many times, you will hear critics of the Church use the argument that many of the popular traditions around Christmas or Easter were appropriated from the pre-conversion, pagan celebrations and practices of the converted people. For example, Christmas Trees and Easter Eggs are bandied about as proofs that Christian holidays have pagan roots, and are therefore somehow debunked.

While many Christians bristle at these objections, I would say that in fact, this shows the genius of the Church! The Church was taking what was popular, accepted, and deeply ingrained in a culture, and reformulated it. The Church has taken ideas from a secular culture and baptized it to a new and higher use that made evangelization more powerful and effective.

This is the same concept that modern Church organizations MUST use in respect to marketing! Modern Catholic marketing is “Holy Evangelization”, and drawing on the historical lessons, using secular marketing practices for a higher call is an amazing way to make your marketing more powerful and effective.

Here are 4 things that Catholics need to learn from Secular Marketers

1. You Need To Speak Their Language

Secular marketers spend huge sums of money and time learning the particularities of each platform they are going to market into. They understand that what works on Facebook may not work in a YouTube video. They know you cannot use the same messaging in a printed piece that you would use in a Tweet. For each platform you will be targeting, you need to formulate and adapt your messaging to its unique style to be effective. Studying and knowing the unique lexicon and form of each platform is an absolute must.

2. You Need To Use The Latest Methods

Secular marketers are always looking for the next way to reach their audience. They know you can’t rest on your laurels and not keep up with the latest forms and means of reaching people. But so many Church organizations either fear change or lack the ability to adapt to the ever-changing avenues of communication. The result is that their marketing effectiveness begins to atrophy as the audience shifts aways from the methods that they have gotten comfortable using. You must always be incorporating new means of reaching your audience!

3. You Need To Understand Marketing Is A Science

Effective marketing is not an art – it is a science. It depends on the same principles as the scientific method; you need control groups, variables, must measure results, and be able to form conclusions. Your marketing needs to have built-in benchmarks and measurables so you can accurately gauge what is working and what isn’t. If you are not taking a scientific and measurable approach to your marketing, you’re blindly throwing time and money into a well.

4. You Need To Use Modern Design

Sometimes, even if you have an amazing and well-crafted message that should resonate with your audience, your marketing will still fall flat if you have poor design and execution. Having a professional quality design aesthetic is a necessity if you want to compete in marketplace. If you do not have members of your team that can create marketing pieces that can stand next to what secular marketers are doing, often your message will be dismissed before it can even get a chance.

There are many more lessons that you can learn and incorporate from secular marketers to make your Catholic marketing more effective. If you are not keeping up with the latest strategies, you marketing efforts and your organization are going to be left behind and become irrelevant to the audience you are trying to reach.

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