We are truly blessed by God. Here at Fuzati, we get to use our God-given talents, the skills we have mastered, and expertise we have learned for amazing clients who share our values and mission to build up the Church. Every day in this field is an opportunity for us to multiply what the Lord has given us and we are ever thankful for it.

One of Fuzati’s unique abilities and core areas of expertise is how we can help our clients create highly targeted interest and massive influxes of new leads.

One such client that we have been blessed to work with is Integrity Restored. They are an amazing apostolate that provides education, resources, and training to “help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction.”

Our client, Integrity Restored, tasked us with getting out word about their new ebook. "7 Steps To A Porn-Free Life"
Our client, Integrity Restored, tasked us with getting the word out about their new ebook. “7 Steps To A Porn-Free Life”

One of the resources they produce is “7 Step To A Porn Free Life“, an ebook that shows individuals simple and straightforward things they can do to help them deal with the temptation and addiction of pornography. This piece was meant as an introduction to their organization and to serve as a starting point of engagement with an audience. Integrity Restored tasked Fuzati to help them spread the word about this resource

When presented with this task, our staff met and strategized about just how to share and disseminate something so powerful, but candidly, something that could cause embarrassment to the intended audience and deter them from downloading it. Another issue is that social media platforms, especially the largest one Facebook, tend to throttle posts that specifically ask somebody to download something in exchange for an email address.

The course of action we developed was one that we employ often, and one we encourage other Catholic organizations to use: an indirect, buzz-generating post, tangentially related to the goal, but not a direct call.

Most marketers would create a page, feature the ebook, and then post that link to social media. But with marketing, the fastest way between two points is not always a straight line. Sometimes a more circuitous route is much more effective.

The custom leadpage. As seen on a mobile device. Click the image to view the full page.

So, instead of just posting to social media networks a direct call to download the ebook, we instead developed a strategy where we would create specialize, single-use leadpage, on a topic that had more potential to go viral, creation interactions, and ultimately, generate more leads.

We created a piece that, instead of directly promoting their e-book, focused on a more fundamental question that book generated, and tied it to a highly recognizable and powerful event. The “advertorial” we created for the client was titled “Is Masturbation A Sin?”. We believed that this was really at the heart of the struggle for the people for whom this e-book was intended. They struggle with the guilt and shame of their pornography use, but will often justify their actions and dismiss the nature of their acts. We also knew that posting a question, instead of a direct call, would spur debate and conversation, which would increase the virality and impressions of the post on social media.

To give substance and to support the position, we framed the piece around the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, a powerful and evocative image, and her sobering words about the eternal fate of those who commit sins of lust.

We had high expectations for this campaign, but when we posted it, even we were surprised. Our hunches had been correct: this post exploded and the reaction was huge. The post generated over 1,300,000 impressions and thousands of likes and shares.

Screenshots of the statistics from one of the pages on which we shared the post.


We sent this post out twice in a 14 day period, on four of the pages in our proprietary “uCatholic Social Network” which has over 7,000,000 active followers. When the dust had settled, this post had generated 6,457 new email leads for our client, Integrity Restored!

This is an example of deliberate thought and strategy being applied to social media in a powerfully effective way. This is exactly what we do on behalf of our clients, and is a prime example of why Fuzati has become the premier marketing firm for Catholic organizations.

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