In the 21st-Century, it is no longer optional to have a website. But maybe the only thing worse than not having a great web presence is having a bad web presence.

For Catholic organizations, the importance of having a great website cannot be overstated. If your organization is to grow and be able to stand out, it must employ the best practices of the most successful sites on the internet.

This checklist will help you assess your organization’s website and spur you to ask the questions you need to be able to answer.

The 20 Question Catholic Website Audit

  1. Is the site clearly branded and of a professional design quality?
  2. Will a visitor understand the purpose of each page in under 5 seconds?
  3. Is the navigation menu streamlined and uncluttered?
  4. Do all links work and go to the intended places?
  5. Is it updated frequently?
  6. Is your most important content “above the fold” so that it is seen first?
  7. Is there a consistent style that guides text, colors, and layout?
  8. Is the site responsive and mobile optimized?
  9. Is the site SEO Optimized?
  10. Is contact info for your organization easily found?
  11. Are images crisp and properly formatted?
  12. Are videos 720p or higher and do they load quickly with no pauses?
  13. Is the text readable, relatable, and designed to move a visitor to an action?
  14. Does the site load quickly?
  15. Does the site clearly show your social media links?
  16. Does your site capture leads and email addresses?
  17. Do you have the ability to measure analytics?
  18. Is your messaging consistent and geared towards your target audience?
  19. Has all text been proof-read and is it free of errors?
  20. Is your site something that proudly represents the best of your organization?

By answering these questions honestly and impartially, you should be able to generate a clear picture of where your web presence stands. By addressing and improving on any issues that this audit brings up, you can improve your website and strengthen your organization.

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