The Coronavirus has landed, and wow has it disrupted things here in America (not to mention abroad).

How can, and should, we react?

First, try not to panic. Life will return to normal eventually.

But, there’s a TON of unknowns on the horizon for these next few weeks/months. And a ton of questions you (and your customers) probably have right now.

The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this uncertainty alone. We’re here to help.

Click above to watch a video discussion between three of Fuzati’s marketing leaders: Ryan Scheel, John Heinen and Jordan Watwood. During the discussion, we outline 4 things you should do right now in the midst of the Coronavirus. These tips are all geared to help you serve your customers/clients well, and to bring them hope in a time of hopelessness.

If you enjoyed this video, we’re considering offering others like in the coming days/weeks. We think there might be value in creating a place for community online among all the clients we work with. If you’d be interested in participating in this digital community—to work with, brainstorm with, be supported by other Catholic organizations—leave a comment on this post so we can gauge everyone’s interest. Thanks!