Oh man!  This should not be a secret, but unfortunately it is!  The Catholic Church is uniquely positioned for growth, the springtime for evangelization is here.


Did you know that the largest religious group (or darn close) are the 80%-90% Catholics who identify as Cultural Catholics, but do NOT attend Church nor have an encounter/discipleship with Jesus.  This is like saying your friend tells people that he is a ship captain and even wears a hat, but never driven a boat.  He already identifies as being a ship captain, so you have a GREAT start to get him in the boat, right (Better say yes!).


Secular brands would pay millions to have a market prepped for them where this is the case.  Purely in business terms, THIS IS HUGE!


Here is what we have seen in the last 5 years working with ministries that have plateaued in growth.  


They were communicating with the 10%.  The words they chose, the messages, and the way it was communicated was for Catholics who by in large had an encounter/discipleship with Christ.  You were doing a great job at retaining this audience but had not developed ways to exact demand for Christ from the 90%.


Where would this demand come from?  Just look at the culture!  We know families are fractured and want answers.  We know pornography represents about 60% of traffic on the internet and kids are looking at it before graduating.  We know a lot of women suffer from abortion related trauma.  Abuse, job stress, the list goes on.  


This is the 90%.  Pope Francis said heal our culture first and used the imagery of a field hospital.  A LOT OF ministries in The Catholic Church are answering a lot of questions people aren’t asking.  It would be a great disservice to this large group not to research it related to what your ministry provides to see what messaging or attribute resonate the most.  Focus Groups, surveys, informal conversations are very helpful for this.