Visual Composer is a page builder plugin for WordPress which allows you to create stunning website content with simple drag and drop. With Visual Composer you can create and manage your WordPress content in minutes.   – WPBAKERY.COM

WordPress is great, the most popular website CMS that is out today. Over 75 Million websites depend on Wordpress. The New York Times, CNN, Mashable and eBay, all use WordPress, to name a few.

As great as it is, your average stock Wordpress website still requires knowledge of HTML/CSS to edit effectively and to customize. Costing time and money that the average website owner doesn’t have.

The last few years has seen the development of editing plugins for WP called drag & drop pagebuilders. They have become widely available. Making it possible for users of all levels to make changes to the general layout of their website, adding icons, pricing tables, multiple columns, images and unique content sections.

Of all that are available, Visual Composer is our favorite.

What is Visual Composer?

Visual composer is a wonderful plugin created by the folks at WP Bakery. It adds a drag & drop page builder to your WordPress theme that has excellent support and easily learned.

How Visual Composer Works.

Say goodbye to the basic page editor.

Visual Composer gives you control over the layout of your website. Your landing page and innerpages are all independently customizable and editable. You can add elements on the fly for basic content, structure, WP Widgets and more.

Basically, editing you website starts by first adding a ‘row’.   Rows make it possible to then add columns in one easy click. Then, for each column, you can add content. Text Boxes, Headings, buttons, images, galleries, toggles, tabs and accordions.

Content elements are also editable, with popup modules that allow you to edit the look of the content as well as adding custom padding, background color and even borders. To name a few.

VC Online Resources.

There are many online resources for learning how to more effectively use Visual Composer. While your particular WP Theme may not support all of the VC features, the core function and usability of VC is the same. Here is a list of the best online resources for VC.

We have found that Visual Composer is an effective tool for empowering our clients to more effectively manage and do simple edits to their WordPress websites without the added cost or time of a dedicated web developer.